About my work

I specialise in product development, helping people shape their ideas into successful and exciting digital products and services. I’m a passionate advocate for collaboration and believe strongly in working as part of a cross-functional team. I excel at building relationships between design and engineering teams, stakeholders and users. I’m at my best delivering elegant solutions to large, complex problems and equally at home starting with the kernel of an idea or bringing a new perspective to an existing solution.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve been lucky enough to do this with numerous organisations, ranging from government departments and emerging bands to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Together we’ve created compelling products and services that have reached tens of millions of people worldwide.

About this site

This site has existed in some form for almost 20 years, acting as a place for me to express my ideas and showcase my work. As a platform to test new concepts and ideas it has also met with occasional acclaim, winning industry awards and plaudits from my peers for various iterations.

The current incarnation is hosted on GitHub Pages and uses Middleman to generate the HTML and CSS. The typefaces are Adelle and Adelle Sans by TypeTogether and the llama logo is adapted from an icon designed by Gilda Martini.